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Equipment Trends and age issues

Trends in the updating of sporty equipment required to indulge  in your favorite activity are evolving.  Your desire to keep up with new trends is related to your personal view of your image.  When you are younger and more keen on having the competitive edge on your opponent and wished to achieve goals to win competitions and championships only the very best would suffice.  As you lose power with age and still wish to remain competitive, training and skill levels need to be modified. A life time player of sports wishes to retain skills developed over many years and to upgrade skills in those parts of the sport t.hat can improve with the wisdom of age. In a sport such as tennis it would be termed court coverage and court management and in golf course management. The mastery of the short game is a necessity as  the length of the course and the shortening of distance that happens with age.

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Improvements in technology in golf accrue advantages to those interested to take advantage of them.  Market research in the USA shows that although only 33 percent of golfers are over 50 the major expenditure in this sport is on average a 53 -55 year old male with an income of $175,000 or more.  This demographic  takes on average 8 vacations annually of which 50% are golf related. Equipment for this demographic relates to improved swing,  golfing equipment, tips to be competitive with their cohorts and a range of tours to supplement their Opassion for the game.  An example of linking ship board tourism of a  Mediterranean cruise with golfing pursuits is given below.  Other golf vacations linked to fly drive and cruises will be added as discovered.

Mediterranean Golf Cruise



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