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The most popular tickets for  the 10  sporting events globally in terms in fans are Soccer, Cricket, Field hockey,Tennis, Volleyball, Table Tennis,Baseball, Golf, Basketball and American Football. Buy Tickets Here for All Your Favorite Major Global Sporting Events.  The best live viewing for fans is in large stadiums built for Soccer, Cricket, Tennis, Baseball and American Football and Golf Courses for major professional golf tournaments.   Alternate viewing is on free to air or paid channels for a range of events with exclusive rights to the presenter.

The advent of the covid-19 global pandemic this year with social distancing has greatly reduced the capacity of  sports events to be held and crowds to attend.  This has really impacted on crowd attendance at sporting events and the viability of the large salaries paid to professional players of sports such as cricket in many countries. In Australia at this time with the reduction of infections there is a return to limited  crowds in stadiums and the future of these events is currently unclear.


No1. SOCCER (the world game) 2020 – availability is subject to the covid-19 pandemic restrictions

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_______________________________________________________________________No. 2. CRICKET  (We dont like Cricket on no! We love it! Yeah!) 

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With three forms of the games being played internationally and more than 2 billion fans there is considerable scope of having large crowds to international test matches (played over 5 days), one day 50 over games and T20 games played over a few hours. There is a taxing schedule now for all international teams over the  season in the southern hemisphere. The major global event for all cricketing nations incoming northern hemisphere summer in 2019 calendar was  the ICC World Cup 50 over matches  played in England and Wales. The eventual winner was England who controversially defeated New Zealand in a super over.

For 2020 the advent of covid-19 pandemic has halted all forms of international cricket including the 2020 world T20 competition scheduled to be played in Australia and New Zealand


No 4. Tennis

US Open Tennis
US Open Tennis -Photo by Raj Tatavarthy from Pexels

Most prestigious  Tennis Tournaments for individuals and doubles players are the Grand Slam events (Wimbledon, US Open, Australian Open and the French open.  Historically the oldest of these and most traditional is Wimbledon which started in 1877at the All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club (AEC & LTC) in Wimbledon, London .

Additionally the end of season ATP World Tour Masters 1000 Tournament brings together the most highly ranked players on the tennis circuit to battle it out at the end of the season. Links on the page below to purchase tickets on the page are: Top Tournaments and USA Events.

Follow this link for tickets in the grand slams events the end of season  ATP World Tour Masters Event.

For all Other tennis events including international country competitions for teams such as Davis Cup (men) and Federation Cup (women) and other ATP events and the Australian Open (on pages 2 to 5) follow this link.


The schedules for all major sporting events have been put on hold due to global crowd restrictions related to the covid-19 pandemic and will be updated as required to inform visitors to this site.

No. 5 Baseball

No. 8 Golf

No. 9 Basketball

No. 9 American Football

Delivery of sporting events to the fans

Delivery of sporting events to a mass audience globally is however becoming more expensive as the codes keep demanding greater fees for exclusive access, player salaries are continuing to increase and tech giants are creating disruptive technology to deliver these events.  This has created a plethora of sports channels that exist on subscriber revenue inputs and are struggling to compete against the live streaming from  apps delivered by tech companies.The venues for global sports events give product and service marketers an excellent way of getting

Global sports fan numbers
Ratings of Global Sports Events by Spectators

millions and sometimes billions of human eyeballs on their wares.  The Superbowl appears to be the ultimate venue in this space with advertisers spending millions on advertising to a very large receptive global audience.  Individual Tickets to Superbowl 2019 in Atlanta next year range from $5000 to $178000.  Consequently marketers have an ideal audience for their products.

The major football finals in Australia also are heavily sponsored by advertisers and provide an enhanced user experience through pre- and post-match entertainment and presentations.  This enhances both the experience of the event not just being a sports final, but also a complete entertainment experience for the  sports fans. Much of this is on hold due to reduced or zero crowd number that can attend events during the covid-19 pandemic.