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Golf with 450 million players  is the world’s 8th most popular sport followed in equal 9 th place by Basketball and American Football as designated by the number of fans and participants .  This is behind soccer (Number 1, at 3.5 Billion ), Cricket, Field Hockey, Tennis, Volley Ball, Table Tennis and Basketball. It is noteworthy that  there is more individual equipment required  to play golf than the sports that rate higher in popularity.  The capacity to play golf for the over 60s is greater than for more active sports such as cricket, tennis, but still requires at least an average level of fitness. The covid-19 pandemic has changed the way that golf is played with new rules in place to stop cross contamination of players. The most likely ways that infection can be transmitted is handling the flag and steel shaft of each hole during the course of a round. Each hole has a sponge rubber insert to stop the ball going into the hole to reduced the likelihood of infection. 

Golf clubs can be purchased as off-the-shelf items or tailor made to suit an individual.  They also can be purchased by brand name and in right handed or left handed configurations.  There are other essential items for golf such as golf balls and a variety of tees shapes, lengths and manufacture.  These are at the discretion of an individual golfer.

Accessories that are useful include golf gloves, caps or hats, ball markers and distance estimators (range finders) to assist golfers in decision making for which club to use in a given situation.  A review of the best options for the over 60s golfers is scheduled for inclusion on this page.

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