About Us

Vision -promoting high quality of life at any age

To promote with integrity a global movement of ‘sporty trends’ as the art of living life to the full and enjoying a high quality lifestyle at any age is important. In particular, assisting the over 60s, over 70s and beyond to ‘live life large’ each and every day makes for a happier and more connected community.  The vision of this site is to document high quality advice on health and fitness to be physically and mentally capable, discover and promote safe products that assist seniors to be mobile, and to promote activities and experiences that promote a feeling , excitement, freedom and well being by making each day count as positive to the  human spirit. The vision for this site  is to give options particularly for seniors who want to be visible and involved in the broader community through  health and exercise tips, ways  to be mobile and be involved in sport, education and have a continuing involvement in society. In 2020 the human community has been greatly affected by the covid-19 virus, consequently it is even more important to be involved in the solution of the issues that will affect us all in a post-covid world. 

Mission – Enhanced Mobility, Health, Sport and Exercise 

To enhance the lives of our valued customers by promoting beautiful, functional quality items that improve mobility and health at all ages and that are engaging and enhance life style.  The mission is  to give exceptional customer service by evaluating products related to enduring health through participation in sport, exercise and mobility to enhance lifestyle and  at all ages. For the over 60s, 70s and beyond it is not life style to be the sum total of our aches and pains, but to be still upstanding and walk tall and proud and confident until the final curtain moment. 

My Story – A baby boomer’s perspective for life long activity

I invite you to check in to  see what  trends in sport and lifestyle are happening in this amazing world we live in.  In this site we strive to promote  sporty trends that are associated with products of quality that  have grabbed our interest and we hop they elicit the same feelings in you – our customers. Many of the products that are identified on this site are current market place items that are gaining in popularity through general usage. The further development of products for individual mobility is increasing at an almost exponential rate.

Age-wise  I am in my early 70s and  represent the demographic of post-war baby boomers, living in the current demographic of millenials.  From previous long term running I have developed osteoarthritis in my hips, but have been able to delay by stopping running, but continuing to undertake exercise on a daily basis.  I have recently undergone a hip replacement of my hip and after recuperation i am returning to play my favourite sports of tennis and golf.   Through living most of my life in the tropics and subtropics I have embraced an outdoors lifestyle playing sports and feeling comfortable in casual sports-oriented clothing, equipment and transport modes that makes me feel more relaxed, vital and alive in my body. The innovations in sports equipment, personal mobility options, health  and exercise  advances options allow for a vital, energetic lifestyle that previous generations have not been able to access.    In exploring sporty trends  globally I look for new, innovative modes of transport that deliver a good experience to continue to play sport all my life and to  get me to the natural environment.

Sporty trends can be both progressive and regressive such as depicted in the image above with two knights battling in an ancient competition would not be out of place about 1800 years ago.  The location of battle is however totally twenty first century in a field containing modern industrial materials.

My favourite sports – Soccer, Cricket, Tennis and Golf 

My favourite sports are soccer, cricket, tennis and golf and on the Sports Events page I link interested fans (including myself) to tickets for those  globally significant sports events.  In addition to having favourite sports I have my favourite teams and sports stars for each sport.  In soccer I follow Leicester City in the English Premier League, Queensland Roar in the local Australian soccer and the Australian national team.   I follow  Australia in major cricket tournaments  and my state team Queensland in the JPL tournaments.  For tennis i would like to see Australian players win major tournaments, but the current crop of players don’t seem to reach those heights.  Even though he is ageing Roger Federer for me epitomises the best in tennis as a spectator sport.  His movements are graceful and his ball striking is legendary. Also Rafael Nadal is great he is the ultimate competitor who never gives up. I don’t have that level of talent, but in life the goal should be to keep learning and keep moving.  For me there is a great reason to have long walks to exercise both my mind and body and to contemplate the meaning of life which in the words of Winston Churchill to a group of students when asked to give a short speech was to’NEVER, NEVER, GIVE UP’ !