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Sports Events

Attend Your Favuorite Sports Event Live The most popular tickets for  the 10  sporting events globally in terms in fans are Soccer, Cricket, Field hockey,Tennis, Volleyball, Table Tennis,Baseball, Golf, Basketball and American Football. Buy Tickets Here for All Your Favorite Major Global Sporting

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sporty clothing trends

Sporty Clothing Trends

Athletics  Wear Gym, Running and Racquet Sports Sporty trends for clothing outlines the range of  Fashion activewear delivered by sports apparel manufacturers that gives you the wearer the optimal  fashion look for the outdoors.  A  term  ATHLEISURE combining athletics and leisure  

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Passenger Drone

Sporty Transport trends

EV vehicles 2020 The  experience of driving or being transported from place to place by a new and different transport mode or a stylish and enhanced upgrade of a well known mode of  gives a ‘sporty’ feel that transcends and

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Best Sporty Trends for All Ages

Sporty Transport 

Segway Option 2018 FBA
Segway minilite 2018 – AMAZON

Current and proposed  transport trends include exciting variations for individual travel. Some potential transport trends have become main stream whereas others have been slow to gain acceptance and some have been blocked by regulators. Interesting trends in transport are the development of electric scooters, hoverboards and mobility scooters including brands such as Segway, electric bicycles and drones. Factors that influence the movement to more sustainable pollution-lowering ‘environmentally- friendly’ transport solutions are increasing pollution due to internal combustion engines in urban areas, associated climate modifications due to these pollutants and the desire to have effective, efficient ways to be mobile at any age.  These factors have created a significant and increasing demand for electric-powered vehicles for individual transport.  The decrease in mobility with advancing age and the global trend for an increased life span trend has created increased demand for mobility scooters for the less physically active and injured members of the community.   Electric bicycles have many advantages over traditional bicycles particularly for mountain bikes for the over 50s who wish to be capable of high-energy adrenaline outdoor activity .  Original military applications such as drones are evolving to have mainstream applications for leisure and personal transport.  Camera drones can be used in remote sensing of the environment and to capture special outdoors moments.  The use of larger dones as personal transport across traffic clogged streets that characterise our ever expanding city scapes  is being considered. however there are significant safety concerns and issues with civil aircraft in restricted zones that be need to be overcome.

Turbo-vado electric best bike 2018
Best electric bike 2018

Passenger Drone Passenger Carrying Drone 

Sports Equipment trends for any sport are important to follow to look the part of the event and to be  in the moment with your sport.  This comes through  having appropriate sports clothing and /or uniform and  the best sporting equipment that suits your image and budget. . Where there is a uniform involved there is a cross over between the participants in a sport and the jersey-wearing community that supports the team epitomized by the  legions of  of football codes. The successes and failures of the selected team generates a roller coaster of emotions from great euphoria for success to the depths of despair after humiliating losses.  By experiencing  these strong emotions the supporters mirror the feelings of the team and experience the highs and lows of their team.

Sporty Clothing Trends

Mountain Climbing sports clothing
Mountain climbing sports clothing
sporty clothing for skiing
Best Sporty clothing for skiing

Sporty clothing varies from the protective clothing for outdoor adventure sports (e.g,mountain climbing, skiing, hiking, hunting)  to casual,comfortable clothing that gives you emotions of feeling energetic, powerful and connected with a global community of like minded healthy vital people that are passionate about one or many sports.Identification with a sport is linked to the clothes you buy to make you look sporty even when you are not involved in the sport. Sporty clothing is also a specific fashion style for women who like the gym look when out and about.

Sports Events- delivery and ticketing   Soccer events

Ongoing changes to delivery of sporting events to billions of the mass global audience includes delivery by global tech giants over the internet via a subscription. This mode of delivery challenges the exclusivity of TV Sports channels with paid advertising.  Modern  sport is the accepted modern form  form of the gladiatorial contests of the ancient world close to the largest global business.   The Superbowl and World Cups of soccer and rugby codes are events watched by millions and are ideal venues for marketing global products and services.  Tickets for major sporting events in most events can be obtained on line for European Soccer Leagues, South American soccer, Cricket, hockey, the Superbowl and baseball events. The hierachy of popularity of different globally significant sporting events is given below.